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Here is a walkthrough of what the restoration process.

Step 1

Our office receives and processes the clients information, and verifies with the insurance provider to initiate the process of filing the claim necessary to start repair(s).

Step 2

A detailed claim is filed with the insurance provider.

Step 3

The insurance provider contacts the property owner with a date and time for damage inspection. A CDR representative must join the inspector to assess damage to the property. This is critical, as the insurance inspector's job is to cover the repairs with minimal cost to the insurance company. Our job is to ensure everything is covered.

Step 4

At the scheduled inspection, a CDR representative will meet with the inspector, and survey, review, and verify all damages the property has incurred.

Step 5

Once the inspection phase is complete and damages are verified, CDR enters the negotiation process to acquire the MAXIMUM settlement to effect all repairs the property owner is entitled to.

Step 6

When a settlement is reached, the property owner will receive a detailed insurance estimate and an insurance claims check typically within 7-10 days. Occasionally, the insurance representative has the ability to issue a check the day of the inspection.

Step 7

At this stage, after a check is secured from the insurance provider, the property owner has the option of proceeding with CDR to effect repairs called out in the inspections. Or the cancellation fee can be payed, which includes any and all fees associated with securing the customer their insurance payout. (Valid only if and when CDR secures settlement funds)

Step 8

The assigned CDR inspector then tales measurements, photographic records, and prepares necessary documentation for the property owners case. Material samples will be provided so the property owner can select quality, style, and color of the materials needed for restoration.

Step 9

The property owner is then assigned an account representative who is the main point of contact throughout the restoration process until completion.

Step 10

When all discovery and selections including material choices, funds, permits, etc. are complete, the property owner's file is ready to proceed to the Projects Dept. for material ordering and scheduling.

Step 11

Upon completion of restoration, all workmanship is inspected and reviewed, all payouts for materials are verified paid, and finally the claim is closed with the insurer.

Step 12

If overages have occurred, the Property's file is submitted to the CDR Supplements Dept., and additional funds will be secured from the insurer to ensure no cost to the property owner whatsoever.

Step 13

Finally, the Insurer issues the Final Depreciation check and the file is closed at CDR after all funds are entered.

Step 14

A CDR warranty is issued to the client.

CDR Construction: insurance companies we work with

We work with all kinds of insurance companies!

The most common ones are State Farm, Allstate, American Family, Farmers, Assurant, Badger Mutual, and many more!

Claim Process:

  1. File the claim
  2. Set up an inspection date
  3. Insurance & CDR inspect property
  4. Estimate and first payment is issued
  5. Work is completed on the property and insurance is notified
  6. Final payment is released

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